Our technician, Brendan Schulz, has a long-standing love for the refined beauty and exotic nature of the European, Italian brands of motorcycles. Having completed his apprenticeship and qualification, specialising in the older Ducati models, he developed a love and passion for the Italian brands.The aim at our workshop is for customers to bring their prized motorcycles and enjoy an “open”
workshop policy experience (without holding up Brendan!!!). You’ll get to see the naked details of your bike being treated and worked on, with love and enthusiasm, while enjoying an espresso or coffee of sorts. Its important to us that, the mechanical upkeep and preventative maintenance is done, as required, to the manufacturers standards. Then we add a personal touch and the attention
to detail. Our firm belief in the philosophy of, what you put in, is what you get out and doing things the right way, with a passion for the job, that the motorcycle receives the treatment it deserves. This applies whether it comes to basic servicing or performance upgrades and tuning. Our services are not only limited to the Italian market of motorcycles, but with Brendan’s 18 years’ experience in the industry, other brands of motorcycle and clients are welcomed with the same enthusiastic attitude and will receive the same high quality experience as any Italian marque would.

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